Steps To Take In Order To Remove A Drain Stopper

Have you ever wanted to remove your bathtub drain stopper but are confused on how it operates? Maybe it’s time for a new one! In this article, I’m going over what steps need to be taken in order to get the best look with any type of plug. First off all we’ll want take out that old block from before then clean up properly afterwards so let’s get started

How to Remove Drain Stoppers

There are different types of drain stoppers, and it’s very essential to know which type you have in your bathroom before you start. Every type needs different cleaning and removal instructions. 

Lift and Turn Stopper

The lift and Turn Stopper is attached with two screws and it’s also known as a twist & pull stopper. It’s quite challenging as it has several ways to remove. Some twist off and some unscrew.

For lift & turns with a removable knob

Foremost, unscrew the knob from the base. Take a screwdriver then unscrew the screw. Then, pull the block out.

For lift and turns with a screw-in base

Use the flashlight to see a screw head under the stopper. It connects with the long, thin foundation. Then, insert the screwdriver facedown and twist the screw in the opposite direction until it separates the stopper from the long, thin base. After that remove the stopper. 

Push/Pull Stopper

The push/pull drain stopper needs a less difficult removal method. It’s less confusing when compared to the lift and turn, and its removal will remind you of the lift & turn removal knob process. It has a push/pull rod on the side. The push/pull mechanism is attached to a plunger that plunges down into the drain to stop the flowing of water. 

  • Remove the knob from the stopper. 
  • After detaching it, search for the point that connects the strainer’s crossbar to the stopper. 
  • Using the regular flathead screwdriver, remove the pot from the strainer. 

Toe/Touch Tub Stopper

The toe-touch drain stopper is simple to remove when compared to the other types. Ensure that the stopper is in the open position, before uninstalling the stopper. 

  • Turn the cap in the opposite direction to remove it. The cap is a silver top that says “push”. A perforated screw is centered under it.
  • To lose the stopper by removing the screw, use a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Turn the stopper in the opposite direction by hand.
  • Pull the stopper out.

How to Clean the Drain Stopper

Now you know how to remove stoppers in the bathtub and sink. Now it’s time to know how to clean a dirty stopper. This cleaning process will work with most drain stoppers. 

Place all small and loose items and screws in a safe place. Use these methods to clean your drain stopper. 

  • Using a hand removes the dirt.
  • Flush the dirt with faucet water.
  • Take the toothbrush and scrub the drain stopper using dish soap liquid or baking soda. After that, wash the debris with water.
  • Steep the drain stopper for about 30 minutes in a cup filled with white vinegar or dish liquid. 
  • After 30 minutes, take the drain stopper out and scrub with a toothbrush. Rinse it with water. 

Thereafter, dry the drain stopper with a paper towel or cloth. When the drain hose is open, use a fresh cup of each baking soda and vinegar to clean clogged hoses.