4 Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Slow to Fill

How long does it take your toilet to fill up with water after you flush? This can be an issue for some people, and there are several reasons why. However none of them will cost much money or require too many repairs on either yourself or other aspects in order get things working smoothly again! Let’s find out what might have gone wrong so we know how best fix this problem soon-ish.

Why Is the Toilet Slow to Fill?

Generally, the toilet tank will refill in a minute, based on your home’s water pressure. If you notice that your toilet takes too much time to fill the water, you may have a problem that needs attention. 

Here are the 4 possible reasons your toilet is slow to fill water. 

1. Clogged Vent 

If your vent is clogged, then the air can’t escape from the tank. This makes it more time-consuming to fill water. Remove the cover from the roof, then check if your vent is clogged. If it is clogged, ensure it is free of leaves or dirt.

How to Fix It

If then the vent is clogged, remove the clogging with needle-nose pliers. Pour the baking soda and vinegar mixture throughout the drain to clean it. Ideally let them soak for 10 minutes before flushing. 

2. Blocked Pipe

If something is blocking the water from the tank, that will also lead to consuming water too late. 

How to Fix it 

Using a plunger you can clear the water blockage from your tank. Pour the boiling water into the drain to dissolve the blockage quickly. 

3. Water Supply Valves Issues 

The flapper is placed above the toilet tank water supply valve that controls the flow of water directing to your toilet tank. If it is not performing or partially closed, then the water will not reach the correct location at the correct time. Moreover, the debris that builds up in the water supply valve may block the water flow, forcing the valve to fill slower. 

How to fix it 

Generally, the fill valve can be located on the left side of the tank while you remove the tank lid. 

  • Fix the fill valve perfectly and securely to the tube. 
  • If you have an older toilet, it requires an adjustment screw which can be loosened with a flathead screwdriver.
  • You can also pour more water into the tank. 
  • Make sure that the tank is filling correctly.

4. Waterlogged Float Ball

The last reason your toilet is slow to fill water is the float ball. The float ball on the water surface may control the incoming water level. Float ball flooding with water helps to prevent the tank from filling effectively. 

How to Fix it

Make sure that the float ball doesn’t float too low in the water. Make sure the float arm is strongly connected to the tank. If the problem is not solved, then you have to replace the float ball.